National Salary Survey

Now in its 46th year of publication, the AIM National Salary Survey is Australia’s longest established and most comprehensive study of remuneration data and salary trends.

Competitively priced and completely independent, the Survey is an essential tool for benchmarking salaries and taking the guesswork out of remuneration planning.

The Survey provides detailed remuneration information for a wide range of positions as well as information on actual year-on-year pay movements and pay forecasts. In addition, the Survey reports comprehensive information on HR practices and trends from a cross-section of Australian businesses.
Please click on our Features and Benefits link to find out more about the specific features offered by the Survey and how it can benefit your organisation.

We are always looking for organisations to contribute data to the Survey. In return we offer contributing organisations the
opportunity to purchase the National Salary Survey at a considerable discounted rate. Please click on our Contribute Survey Data link
to find out more

What our customers say:


“Remuneration advice is what I do for a living - and I couldn't do it half as well without the AIM survey to compare my own results to”;

“A comprehensive, accurate, formal reference tool”;


“AIM is by far the best survey, and it is backed by customer service that is streets ahead of anyone else”;


  “Being in recruitment I am always asked what I think and it's very good to have a formal analysis to fall back on and back up my view on the market place”.



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